The smart management of your center, in a single space

Classlife is the cloud platform with the perfect combination of necessary tools to manage education, communication, sales and processes, for an agile and efficient administration of educational centers.

Sales Module

An A in sales management

Control from a single site clients, sales team, results, marketing campaigns…

Financial Module

Master all the finances of the center at a glance

Forecasts, automated payment notices, summaries and analysis as detailed as you want, all in one click.

Módulo Financiero

Campus Module

Manage your center like never before

Classlife replaces multitude of meetings and hundreds of hours of organization, administration and management work of the center by a simple interface from where to control everything at all times. It organizes the center, optimizes its resources and supervises the development of all students in detail.

Academic Module

Optimize the management of your school from a single place

Classlife is the all-in-one platform that improves agility and productivity among professors, students, administrative staff and sales.

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