The future of academic organization

Classlife simplifies the functioning of your center and secretarial tasks and centralizes administration tasks. Save hours of work in organization and control everything at any time.

Módulo Académico

Your academic management in a single space...

Study plans

Official documentation


Multi-site management


Attendance reports


Digital signature

Stripe integration

Certificates and diplomas

Group management

Transverse classrooms

Classroom progress

Scheduled classrooms

Assessment records

Custom templates

Contract management

teacher hours control

Annual planification? Everything under control

From large universities to small colleges, Classlife has been designed to adapt to the specific characteristics of your center and help you optimize its integral management.

Put the accent on education

We have adapted the latest online developments to maximize the management and educational experience. From Classlife you can not only manage all your students, but also boost their development.

Strengthen the identity of your center

Classlife goes beyond the strictly formative to being a space in which to unify communications, news, events, extracurricular activities and everything you can imagine.

Organize your center and its resources

Manage efficiently and save your team’s time by centralizing all the tasks of administration, communication, document generation and enrollment processes with group control tools.

More resources for secretariat

  • Create evaluation or attendance records
  • Optimize the management of students and resources
  • Choose quick access filters
  • Generate certificates and titles

A tailored study plan

  • Schools, academies, vocational training, PhDs, masters…
  • Associate the curriculum to the report card
  • Visualize the objectives in real time
  • Accurately configure an academic stage
  • Visualize the student’s progress

Manage your spaces

  • Control the time and place of events in the center
  • Schedule with automatic alarms
  • Manage the availability of spaces and classrooms
  • Automatically notify classroom or day changes

How are my students doing?

  • Manage users according to authorization level
  • Control in detail their development in each subject
  • Check their global workloads
  • Assign teachers

Manage students and control their development

Get your entire center up to date with news, events and activities through a didactic communication system and organize each act efficiently and without difficulties.

Hello, reinforcement classes

  • Report on activities
  • Create chats
  • Share information
  • Unify communication between groups

Prepare a great day

  • Organize events quickly and in detail
  • Prepare graduations or conferences
  • Communicate open days
  • Reserve spaces and schedule them
  • Inform guests

Beyond education

Enrich the educational experience and turn the virtual classroom into a dynamic space easy to manage: upload content, schedule activities with notifications and alerts, plan and create classrooms, encourage interaction and communication…

Continuous monitoring

  • Add comments and notes for your students
  • Create individualized roadmaps

Your center, your rules

  • Set up evaluation rules as detailed as you want
  • Edit notes in bulk
  • Notify students, tutors and parents of the results

More than a calendar, an assistant

  • Record the registration only once
  • Check information about a student
  • Access by teachers, administrative staff and students
  • Exchange data with ease

Teacher management

  • Accompany and extend the experience in class
  • Virtual classrooms in the form of a social network
  • Upload the agenda and exercises
  • Schedule activities
  • Send notifications
  • Participate in forums

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