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We know that each center is a world, add our Extensions to make your day to day even easier.



Activates the necessary protocols for admissions processes for first-year students. Customize the instruments for capturing, structure and control of access requirements and protocols by stages for the collection of data, coordinate interviews, and record communications with email exchanges and record the resolution of the acceptance committee. The extension of admissions will allow the exchange of communications, and generation of documents for downloading of application vouchers and summary of resolutions once the process is finished.

Advanced procedures

It increases the capacities of the management and organization of requests for procedures, enabling workflows in stages, integrating a way to centralize communications, data exchange, recruitment and authorization for students. The advanced module allows you to connect with payment gateways to make online payments and customize the data collection forms with automation of the emails that are sent to the student and administration at each stage.


The contract module facilitates the registration of workers with control of dates of hiring, load of hours, type of contracts (labor, commercial, practices) and communication for the exchange of data with the Employee and Gestoría.


Facilitates centralized control of the inter-institutional commercial relations of the school with third-party companies. Activates customer registration control by defining the business model: “billing” or “commissions”, integrated with the allocation of classrooms and distribution of license plates.

Digital Signature

You can use the Certified Digital Signature with important documentation such as enrollments, SEPA mandates, contracts and academic qualifications. With total security and full legal validity. Make all processes easier, sending documents easily from any device:
  • The documents are legal in the US and the US, complying with the requirements of European Regulation No. 910/2014 and the E-SIGN and UETA Acts in the United States.
  • All data is encrypted with asymmetric cryptography.
  • No electronic signature is stored, since each signature is created uniquely for each document.

Google / One Drive Connect

It allows the connection to the resources found within the Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive packages to connect, create, share or download the files that users have in their personal account authorizing the connection of Classlife with their account.


Active business management tools focused on companies, In-Company will allow the registration of companies with sales associated with the company and registering the participants of the training offer as students associated with the company in an environment dedicated to the company.

Job vacancies

The Job Vacancy module facilitates the registration and control of Companies, Job offers and control of Candidates with visibility permits for segmentation by group, type of offer (internship, work) and administration tools for the creation of agreements and communication between school and company.

Live classroom

It allows to automatically integrate all the functionalities of the streaming platforms *, to create classrooms, sessions, credentials and recordings without having to leave the Classlife environment being transparent for the users.

* Currently working with integration for: AdobeConnect, Blackboard Collaborate, GotoWebinar and Zoom. The contracting of the license with the provider is required externally.

Multisede Management

Enables centralized control of the different work centers of the center. Facilitating global and detailed control with headquarters selection option to segment the data in the different levels of action: Sales, Financial and Academic.


Organizes and controls recovery actions by registering quickly the different actions carried out by the center. The defaults module establishes a file with the action log and the result of the legal action that is carried out by the center.

Enables communication with Families by providing a connection space to track the students linked with access to information in real time about Qualifications, Assistances and payments. Enabling direct communication for the exchange of messages with professors and academic secretariat.

Quality management

Reservation of spaces

Enable the reservation option for classrooms so that teachers and students can mark the reservation hours, indicating the projects, resources and classmates with whom they will work. Enabling communication tools for notifications of changes of reservation, and confirmation of policies and regulations of the room, with issuance of reservation confirmation document linked to the central scheduling of the availability of the rooms based on the subjects.


Activates the protocols so that the students can make the enrollment of the subjects autonomously from the Classlife platform. The system will recognize the grades of previous years and connect them with the access requirements to control that each student can only register to the subjects to which he has authorization with maximum control of credits, hours or study plan conditions. The self-enrollment will allow the exchange of communications, and generation of documents for downloading of application vouchers and summary of resolutions once the process is finished.


Activates the management and financial control of the activity of school providers in a comprehensive manner. The suppliers module allows the recording of invoices with payment control, projection of expenses with planning of future expenses and making treasury reports.

Enables the tools for programming and sending SMS messages on the platform. The activation fee of the SMS Submission Module includes a monthly package of 100 SMS * not cumulative for the communications generated from Classlife to mobile phones.

* Exceeding the basic limit of the License (100 SMS) will be charged the extension of packages of shipments with an individual price for sending additional SMS, which will be invoiced at the end of the month based on the total number of shipments generated from the platform .


It facilitates access to virtual classrooms to contacts who are interested in knowing the work environment of the virtual classroom of the center. The configuration of the module allows to select the classrooms available for visitors and the connection to activate credentials, communication and access to the classroom to the contacts during a determined period of time.

The cost of the service will have a surcharge per user according to the number of invitations registered in the platform with a rate of € 50 for coverage of up to 100 visitors / month.

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