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Control the financial activity of your center

With the finance module of Classlife you will be able to control in a simple way all the cash flows of the center and then focus on the most important thing: education.

Manage the most complex processes

Easily control registrations, remittances, collections and suppliers from the same site and dismiss duplicating operations and human risk when exchanging data between platforms.

Add even faster

Optimize the collection and billing processes of the center with Classlife while controlling the status of each receipt in real time.

Active payment planning

  • Automate maturities and fees
  • Self-identify them to a license plate
  • Receive detailed and follow-up reports
  • Create future revenue previews

On the trail of all receipts

  • Check the status of collection
  • Connect the movements with your box
  • Efficiently manage defaults

A center, different ways of charging

  • Use different payment methods
  • Set up different payers
  • Manage split payments
  • Automate returns
  • Apply discounts

Advanced Financial Analysis

  • Make all kinds of reports
  • Generates financial reports
  • Analyze your data to offer you different perspectives

Control the exit of money

Payroll, supplies, payments to suppliers, taxes … with Classlife none of this will take your center by surprise.

Pagos en orden

  • Monitor payments in real time
  • Manage pending and completed payments at the moment

Ready for 347

  • Analyze volume level or type of operations
  • Help in the preparation of the Annual Statement of Operations to Third Parties

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