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Fully integrates the commercial management of the center

Classlife is ready to integrate and simplify the day to day with your customers and your commercial network, as well as optimize your sales flow.

Dynamic list management

Dynamic lists allow you to save the search criteria and filters with which you work constantly to quickly access the list of contacts with whom you will perform your commercial actions.

Contact stage panels

The segments will allow you to create custom panels to organize contacts and establish the different stages of your sales process.

Email integration

The response of the contacts to your emails will be registered in the platform so that you do not lose the thread of all direct communications with your contacts.

Control all information

You will be able to customize the fields of the form to capture the data of your contacts, which will be available as filters for the generation of lists and reports.

Useful information always at hand

  • Access from the same place
  • Compatible with other platforms
  • View contact tabs
  • Controls the states
  • Check activity history
  • Keep conversations
  • Save derived documents

Your own file model

  • It adapts to your way of working
  • Use custom forms
  • Automatically register the input channel
  • Make requests

Without losing detail

  • Check a customer’s activity history
  • Record conversations with commercials
  • Sort the conversations by date and time
  • Save documents both online and on paper

Streamlines business actions

  • Easily organize and manage contact groups
  • Segment according to needs or status
  • Automate filters to find specific customers

Ultra-fast response

  • Register all your mails
  • Answer without leaving the platform
  • Order the correspondence between your team and clients

Manage work teams

Delegate tasks to your team indicating the execution date to facilitate teamwork without duplicating efforts.

An environment that enhances productivity and efficiency

  • Direct and supervise your team
  • Check your team in an easy and simple way.

A very organized team

  • Organize day to day with diaries
  • Stay informed from any device

Do not forget this!

  • Organize your team in an agile way
  • Delegate tasks in a simple way
  • Make your salespeople know the order of priorities

History of the contact's business activity

  • Control the activity that your commercials
  • Follow the interactions with a single visualization


Send email marketing campaigns in an easy way and without the need of design knowledge with the newsletter template editor

Filters and segments

Manage the consignees of the shipment by creating lists from filters to segment the shipments of campaigns.

Analytics and remarketing

Get opening analytics and clicks to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Shipping schedule

Program sending the campaigns to launch them at the right time.

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