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To the exact size of your center

Universities, schools, business schools, institutes, vocational training centers, academies … Classlife adapts to the reality and needs of all types of centers to help them optimize their management.

A transversal platform

Classlife goes beyond the staff of the center to integrate students and tutors as never before with individual access so that everyone can be up to date on what is important.

No platform changes

In Classlife fits all your day to day. Academic management, student development, collections, payments, sales, marketing, results, forecasts … All together in one place.

Earn time and efficiency

Being unified, Classlife connects and assists both management, secretariat, teaching staff, sales representatives, consultants, etc., creating much more efficient dynamics.

Email marketing campaigns

Send email marketing campaigns in an easy way and without the need of design knowledge with the newsletter template editor


Fully integrates the commercial management of the center

  • Agility in decision making
  • Automate the distribution of work
  • Create your own campaigns

Financial Module

Manage the most complex processes at a glance

  • Advanced financial analysis
  • Active payment planning
  • Simplify bureaucratic procedures

Campus module

Form better thanks to an environment in the form of a social network

  • A space that encourages participation
  • Less hours of class preparation
  • Speeds the attendance record

Academic Module

The future of the organization in an educational center

  • A detailed planning with alarms
  • More muscle for secretary
  • Management and monitoring of teachers and students


If you are one of those who do not separate from the mobile or who is all day in front of the computer. Our platform is available and adapts to any type of device you choose.

And, of course, always safe

In order to protect the data and guarantee peace of mind for all, Classlife has been developed following strict security standards.

Do you want to see how Classlife adapts to your center?

Request a demo and find out more about how Classlife can help you manage your entire school.

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