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Classlife at your service

Thanks to the day to day with the centers and an active listening we grow in functionalities and services that we put at your disposal so you can decide if you want to implement them in your center.


We accompany you in the step by step activation of the platform. Including the analysis of all your source data and the migration of them to Classlife so you can use the platform with all your data from the first moment.


Specific Training

So that the whole center can get the most out of Classlife, we carry out ongoing online and in-person training on specific features and new features of the platform.

Tranquility and transparency

Choosing Classlife does not involve extra work. Our team will perform the installation, adjust the platform to your requirements and needs, as well as perform the migration of data for you.

Highly secure

In order to protect the data and ensure peace of mind for all users, Classlife has been developed following banking security standards and works on secure servers.


With you at all times

Our support team will be available to solve technical queries or help you in case you have any questions.


Do you want to see how Classlife adapts to your center?

Request a demo and find out more about how Classlife can help you manage your entire school.

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