The 4 most common mistakes when choosing a CRM

Certainly, a CRM is a vital tool that can help you improve sales and retain and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. For this reason, a correct use of a CRM system can translate into favorable results and boost the growth of your center.
To obtain all these benefits, there are certain important aspects to keep in mind that must be conducted so that such a complex tool helps and is not another obstacle.

1- Know the purpose for which you need this system
There are many CRM programs in the market today, but it is not advisable to head for the adventure thinking only about the goals. Before starting to use a CRM, it is very advisable to analyze your needs and see if this type of programs will be useful in your day to day.

2- Using an unfriendly program
This is another of the errors that can happen when we use a CRM. If this is the first time you want to use this type of tool, you may find that the program is too complex for you or, simply, you or your team can not use it correctly. Therefore, it is essential from the moment you start using it to spend time learning which functions you will use, which you will not and how they are performed. This will allow all those in charge of using it to perform functions correctly and homogeneously.

3- The functionalities of the program
This error is closely linked to the previous one, because it turns out that we can find that the CRM we have just obtained performs too many or too few functions in comparison to the ones we require. This ends up causing dissatisfaction, both because there are dozens of functions that do not fit with your current business model and because you need to hire new specific functions now or in the future that make the product more expensive. The solution is to find the program that best suits your needs and does not require additional hiring of development, therefore a previous good research is key. Do not settle for what you have.

4- Using a program that does not allow other features to be integrated
Currently we can find all kinds of CRM programs, from the most basic to the most complex ones that allow you to connect with your smartphone. For example, one of the basic integrations required for a school CRM is the integration with email marketing campaigns or one that facilitates interaction with social networks. For that reason, in order to correctly segment your customers you must get the tool that best suits you and allows you to do what you need with simplicity.

In conclusion, not all CRM programs are the same, in the same way that not all the needs of each center are. Having an effective tool means that it does not hinder work and optimizes all processes, and the best way to achieve these goals is to find what adapts to you without having to struggle constantly.