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Access the complete overview of your school activities.
Simplify complex workflows and track student development.

Classlife integrates different sets of tools within the same platform to manage and control everyday school tasks without the need of duplicating your effort, optimizing all school resources to the maximum and covering all areas of school management, education and communications.

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What we offer

One single plataform, multiple solutions.

Fast and Secure
Start working quickly and with your data protected.

Multischool Management
Centralized control of the different schools centers and venues.

Detailed tracking of everything that happens in your center, in real time.

Transversal Competences
It allows to grade by competences in a transversal way.

Tailored Study Plans
Associate the curriculum to the student’s report card.

Your Own Private Network
Achieve a true cohesion among your educational community.

Quality Controls
Achieve excellence controlling all the school processes and protocols.

Email Marketing
No need to have design knowledge to prepare campaigns.

Custom Modules
Plan and create custom modules that suit your center.

Classlife core modules


Create and optimize marketing campaigns with ease.


One click away to access advanced financial reports.


Enhance classrooms with easy-to-use & collaborative interface.


Anticipate with a global calendar and alarm system.

Our extensions

Do you need more functions?

Extensión Firma Digital


You can use the Certified Digital Signature for important documentation such as enrollments, SEPA mandates, contracts and academic qualifications. With total security and full legal validity.

Extensión Bolsa de trabajo

Job vacancies

The Job Vacancy module facilitates the registration and control of companies, candidates and job offers with segmentation by group, type of offer (internship, job) and administration tools for the creation of agreements and communication between school and company.

Extensión Aula en Vivo

Live classroom

It allows to automatically integrate all the functionalities of the streaming platforms, to create classrooms, sessions, credentials and recordings without having to leave the Classlife environment, being transparent for the users.

Meet all our extensions

Extensión Trámites Avanzados
Extensión In-Company
Extensión Impagos
Extensión Vistantes
Extensión Google / One Drive Connect
Extensión Familias
Extensión Gestión Multisede
Extensión Contratos
Extensión Automatriculación
Extensión Delegaciones
Gestión de la calidad

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